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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
sovereign's aggression

Today (00:50. That considers today) I had an encounter with someone who used to be my friend but from some reason decided that I am "wrong" about my opinions about god. So I thought it should be a good place to clarify what I think.

I bet that at least eighty percent of the people who read the blog (if any but me) believe in god of some kind. Among the ones who do believe nearly all of them if not all of them - come from religious families.
Bottom line - education is above anything else. If your parents told you to believe in god most chances you will. Don't ask me why, but those people act like missioner all the way: they tell me to believe in god and they speak about god all the time even without noticing at all.

And what if I don't want to believe that something is controlling the world?
Oh, of course, they'll get mad and keep annoying you about it. I want to think I'm an individual, OK?

The point where things go bad is when they do false movies about it, they make music out of it, they have their choirs (which I couldn't understand why are they related to god), they kill people for god and they waste Sunday mornings just for god. I wouldn't even do so many things for my mother!

I am sick of talking about it. Don't start.

Also that night I finally upgraded my kernel from the 2.4 branch to 2.6. 2.6 was just released and we already have a 2.6.5 prepatch.... This Torvalds guy works fast...

He gotta teach me his methods....

Have a nice day, and may the source be with you.
Prelude to a strange man

I guess the first thing that comes into your mind is "why strange? I eat onion and peanut butter, so what makes you special?".
What makes me special? Well... Nothing much. We're both made of matter, we both breath more or less the same air and we sit more or less in front of the same machine reading and writing such posts.
Do YOU sit in one place all day long? I do. Do you listen to both Tom Waits and dIRE sTRAITS, well, I do.

Second is about the design of the site. Rather simplistic, don't you think? That's for the people who simply prefer viewing the internet through Lynx or other text-based browsers. Or even people who use processors you have never heard of (Alpha, Mipsel SPARC and PPC :P). Another reason for the lack of actual design is that a certain design implies consistency. Since human beings (especially me) are inconsistent with themselves,I don't want a non-simplistic design.
It's all symbolic...

Lately I am really looking forward to Copenhagen, Denmark. (I currently live in Israel). I am planning everything as if I will fly away the next day. I try to learn a few words in Danish from time to time.
Don't get me wrong - it's not that I hate this place so much, not really. Israel is actually beautiful, only that we have a minority who blows up everywhere and a prime minister who steals money. Israel is the only place where we have both sides trying to achieve a certain target but they fail each other instead of helping each other (known as Bibi vs. Peretz).

Now just to be clear - I'm not religious. Why not? I have enough reasons. The main reason, and in fact my worst is about the second world war. How could so many die BECAUSE of their religion? Where was god when they needed it? My other reason, that I don't reveal too much is that simply I don't want to believe there is a force above me. I want to think I am an individual (which I am not, it is counter-proven by the chaos theory).

Any comments about my posts, even bad ones, send to my email address
ronsholi at barak-online dot com

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