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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
They're all made of the same matter!
All of them. Not one I can stand.

Things that need to be remembered by all of you:
1. Emotions are inferior. Emotions no more.
2. Yell at more people, no matter how much you need their assistance or depend on them.
3. Extra Meditation.
4. 200 years to the apocalypse. Make people understand that.
5. Humans seem to like annoying one another. Ignore those.
6. The legacy of the human race is inferior. There is no need to become one with the prime beasts and mate.
7. I am a superior creature. I do not need any other beings with me.
8. Medications are bad.
9. Alcohol reduces the drinker's abilities.

Monday, April 12, 2004

The Human kind is a very complicated race. Why seperate thoughts from actions and words? Why can't we all say and do what we all want to? Is it because we may loose our place in the society?
If so.
It's no surprise.
I have nothing to loose.

Something is blocking my mind. I am unclear and disoriented lately, what a fresh start for school.

Write me sometimes.
Friday, April 09, 2004
Sometimes I compare myself to all sorts of characters, and see they are much like me.. Much like me, but with a twist.

Let's say Sun Green from Greendale.
We do both critisise our serroundings, though in diffrent ways. In fact my dream is to chain myself somewhere and shout what I want to say through a megaphone. That's why Sun Green is more a version of what I want to be, rather than a reflection of me

Or maybe T'pol (Star-Trek Enterprise watchers be warned - there are a few spoilers here!).
She has her own peace of mind. She is a discplined person. And she sometimes breaks up, like in Harbinger, with Tucker. And in Impulse - when she was effected by the disease on the vulcan vessel (I think it was a disease, but I'm not sure).

I don't know why there are only femine characters who remind me of myself, but at least there are.

What a piece of work is man.
What an animal is the human kind.

Think about it.

I would like to share a story with you. It is about a friend of mine. Or at least someone who used to be my friend, I'm not sure if I want him by my side now.
His designation witll be "Myrmadon".

We used to be good friends back in elementry school. We used to do almost everything togather, we were unbreakable almost. We never had a fight, or an argument, none that I recall.
In the 7th grade he decided he wants to be a part of the "freaks" community. We both liked metal music, but only he found the idea interesting.
Then he found himself some new friends in the community... that was fine with me.

By the 8th grade he started getting distant, we weren't as close as we were. He started hanging arround with some people I didn't personaly liked.

And so it came.

He lately got busted with 300 gram of Marijuana. I recall him telling me once "I'll never touch anything like it! Not even a cigarrete!". If only I pushed him in the right direction and gave him a course correction from time to time.

Will that change the fact?


There's a tip for you, readers :
When you tell someone to do something make sure you know what you want that person to do.

My mom keeps asking me - "why don't you go to the movies with 'Xhi'?" "Why don't you and 'Xhi' go somewhere?" and all sorts of questions like this one. I tried to explain that it might annoy 'Diamond'.
Then she got very nosey about that day so I got back to my room ASAP.

Why don't I ever recieve emails from you?

Just reminding you that my blog was not meant to harm anyone. It simply is my creative way of expressing myself. Please, tell me if any of the content here harmed you in any way.

By now you all should be dead. (see my last post)
Is it just me or nobody actualy reads my blog?

Relationships have been developing with 'Lambda' (from "Affinity and Affection"). This is definetly not going to work, and will make me feel bad about myself later.
But again - I don't mind.

The reasons go more-or-less like this:
1. I'll be leaving this country anyways. It'd sure make me feel bad if I leave this place with the feeling I screwed up everyone.
2. People will make a big deal out of it.
3. My gramma's not gonna like her! (Like she would care)
4. Not usualy in my reach.
5. Demographic reasons. Can't be specific, other people's privacy.
6. Does things without a purpose.
7. Too obeysive.
8. Isn't a music fan as I am.
9. And last - doesn't understand anything of my Linux crap.
This line is really untypical for me - but how often do I get such possiblities?!

Ohhh I hate this stupid dog/goat! Even though I go to sleep every night at about 0300 or 0200 - I still have to take her down to shit sometime between 0700-0800 or it won't leave me!
It's really a nightmare on three and another lame one ...

I thought about opening up a new blog here. Not an ordinary one, a story that will continue every day. It'd be - you guessed it - sci-fi.

Can't you email me sometimes?
email me
Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One of the most annoying things in planning social events yourself is not getting there yourself. Because after you pulled the strings, informed people, coordinated between them and put your heart into it - you found yourself without a way of getting there.
The worse thing is that people came because they knew you will but when they see you're not they'll have a hard time there and be very disappointed. After that they'll blame you or find you not trustworthy. If they hate you enough they had a bad time there they'll even call you a liar (or if that's their nature).

I really hope that's not going to happen with me after I pulled all the strings needed and pushed people into it well enough, I could come there myself.
70% of the people there won't even care while the other 30% will just prefer me being there but won't start shooting people just because I couldn't make it myself.

Anyways, my cousin left his stupid dog here for about 6 days. This dog is one of the most goat-like dogs I have ever seen. In fact - it is almost a miniaturized version of a goat!
It even has a very very scary name.. you will start shaking right after you hear the name... FLUFFY!

Now the only thing I care of is not to be seen outside with this stupid dog/goat.

Write emails OR DIE!
Monday, April 05, 2004

What's wrong with people now? Since when they became religious? Of course - it's passover - the holiday that reminds us how we pissed off the egyptians once back then.
And about those Matzas... Hell with those matzas. Why couldn't cacamim change the definition of matzas to something more similar to pizza? Or at least make them a kind of bread! Noooo we have to eat dry-breadlike square white things that can't even break as they are supposed to..

Kosher or not? I don't care! Have you ever seen a place where a minority control the lives of the other parts of society? That's the israely way of doing things.

Let's make ourselves a holiday. Something like "UNIX day" or "Music day" could be nice.

Suggest alternative holidays at :: ronsholi@barak-online.net

May the source be with you.
Sunday, April 04, 2004

I don't know why, but I'm down, my muscles are all strached and my brother formated my harddrive. I really don't feel like posting anything right now.
Cheer me up - ronsholi at barak-online dot net
Saturday, April 03, 2004
affinity and affection

From time to time, I get to spill my heart somewhere else but the internet. Friday night was an excellent oppretunity to do so, thanks to my cousine who made me leave the warmth of my house for a minute or two.
My cousine - which from now on will be called as "Norman" with a few of his friends - "Diamond", "Lambda", "Eno", "Sial", "Ishindar", "Blackbox" and "Xhi" (from an obvious cause, I cannot state names without permissions). It all started at 2100 hours. Why not at 2000 or 1900 for god's sake? We all went to see this new movie "Starsky and Huch". Judging the friends I tried to see where my place is. Diamond and Xhi both seem like a couple, they came as a saparate group in fact - and most of the time was a saparate group, I don't like it, they're not for me. Ishindar was nice, but still I failed to recognize this as my place there alongside with Blackbox. Lambda - she talks too much and she is a bit paranoid, but I don't mind. She's rather short. Almost like a 5th grade student, but so does Xhi. Alright, that's fine with me, I seemed to find my place.

With all the mess of who stays in line to buy tickets and who handles the money buisness we decided to recieve the change later on. (Vital information)
The movie was bad. With all the respect to the '70s.
Deciding to recieve the change later was a mistake. I recieved only half than what I was supposed to. I'm not disappointed because of the money, but the problems that it caused. Everybody started shouting at each other instead of trying to figure it out somehow. Such ilogical things drive me crazy, why couldn't they take a piece of paper instead of shouting like angry Klingons?
I couldn't take it anymore. I simply went to the corner to calm down. Now who was the only one who did care about me? Lambda of course. Now I could really use someone to make me forget it all.

I'm afraid that if I keep on typing from here I might harm other people's privacy.

Live long and prosper.
ronsholi at barak-online dot net

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